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Public Affairs Section
U.S. Embassy Mongolia

Call for Applications

The 2017-2018 Global Undergraduate Program

The U.S. Embassy in Mongolia is pleased to announce the 2017-2018 Global Undergraduate (Global UGRAD) Program. The Global UGRAD Program is a U.S. Department of State scholarship program that offers one-semester scholarships to outstanding undergraduate students for non-degree study at accredited American institutions.

The goal of the UGRAD Scholarship program is to provide a diverse group of emerging student leaders with a substantive exchange experience at an American college or university. Students from both rural and urban areas are encouraged to apply.


Global UGRAD applicants will be considered without respect to race, religion, ethnicity, or gender. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

The Global UGRAD Program is merit-based and is open to anyone who:

  1. Is a Mongolian citizen residing in Mongolia;
  2. Completed secondary education in Mongolia and is an undergraduate student enrolled in any Mongolian accredited university, public or private, and has at least one semester remaining at their home university at the conclusion of the UGRAD program;
  3. Has a GPA of no less than 3.0. Please attach your academic transcript in English issued by your school;
  4. Has a solid command of both written and spoken English: English testing scores are not mandatory at the time of application. However, if selected for the program, the candidates will be requested to take IBT. The minimum target score is IBT 61 or PBT 500. Please note that for students who have lower English skills but are otherwise strongly qualified, one semester of English training may be provided in the U.S. prior to the start of the academic studies;
  5. Is 18-24 years old at the time of application;
  6. Is motivated and has a record of leadership through academic work, community involvement, and extracurricular activities;
  7. Is able to begin studies in the United States in August 2017 or January 2018 (selected participants may not defer to a later date);
  8. Eligible to receive and maintain the U.S. student exchange visa (J-1) required for the program;
  9. Committed to returning to their home country after the completion of the program.

Individuals in the following circumstances are not eligible for the Global UGRAD Program:

  • U.S. citizens and permanent residents (green card holders) of the United States;
  • Citizens of other countries residing or studying in Mongolia;
  • Mongolians currently studying, residing, or working outside of Mongolia;
  • Local employees of the U.S. missions abroad who work for the U.S. Department of State and/or the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID); employees are also ineligible for one year following the termination of employment;
  • Immediate family members (i.e. spouses and children) of U.S. Department of State and USAID employees; family members are also ineligible for one year following the termination of employment.

Global UGRAD Participants must return to Mongolia upon completion of the program and may not stay on for degree study in the U.S.

Please note that majors such as Medicine, Law, TESL, and Pharmaceutical Studies are typically offered as graduate level degrees at U.S. Universities. At the undergraduate level, TESL is usually offered as a minor within an Education major, Medicine is Pre-Medicine, and Law is Pre-Law.

Individuals participating in the Global UGRAD Program are required to uphold the academic standards of the host institution and abide by all program terms and conditions. Failure to maintain academic standards or meet the goals of the program may result in dismissal from the program.

Students will be placed at colleges and universities throughout the United States. Students will not be able to select their own placement. Students will take courses in their fields of study as well as U.S. studies courses. The standard number of U.S. academic credits per semester is 12. Additional credits are contingent upon U.S. host institution and are subject to World Learning’s approval. Students will live in university housing/dormitories.

Students are required to perform 20 hours of volunteer community service during their semester on the UGRAD program.

Students are expected to take one academic course related to U.S. studies. The number of credits earned during these courses is included in the obligatory 12 credits per semester.

Students will not be eligible to transfer into degree programs in the U.S. All participants must return to Mongolia immediately after completing their program.

The Global UGRAD Program application is available here. Please read all instructions and information carefully before completing the application, and review all fields before making any submission online. The application can be saved and submitted at a later time. All forms in this application are to be completed in English.

To be considered for evaluation, applicants must:

  • Answer every question completely and carefully;
  • Respond to essay questions as instructed, adhering to indicated word limits;
  • Upload two letters of recommendation (if necessary with certified translations):
    • One recommendation must be completed by an instructor or advisor from the student’s university;
    • The second recommendation can be from another instructor, an employer, coach, former exchange program coordinator or host family. Family members and personal friends may not provide letters of recommendation;
  • Upload official undergraduate transcripts with certified English translations. Grades must be printed on official university stationery, signed by a dean or equivalent official, and certified with official university seal if possible;
  • Upload official confirmation of the current academic year enrollment (if not included in transcript). This document does not need official translation to English;
  • Upload English language test score report (if taken previously). This document is not obligatory;
  • Upload a copy of his/her ID and passport face page or other proof of citizenship;
  • Once your application is complete and supporting documents are uploaded, hit “Submit” to officially apply. Once submitted, you will not be able to change the information on the forms.

The contents of transcripts and recommendations will be verified with the appropriate institutions and instructors.

Applications are expected to represent the original thought and individual work of the applicant. Plagiarism, representing another author’s language thoughts ideas or expressions as your original work without proper acknowledgment, is unacceptable. Any instance of plagiarism in a student application or essay is grounds for immediate disqualification from consideration for the program.

The application deadline for Global UGRAD program is December 31, 2016. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Be sure to request all transcripts and academic recommendations in sufficient time to receive them before the application deadline.

For more information on the program, please go to: The Global UGRAD page, Global UGRAD website and Global UGRAD Facebook page. They are the best resources for potential applicants. They house program description, program eligibility, a link to the online application and a great video of current UGRAD students.


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