Mongolia-Australia Development Forum 2014

Mongolia-Australia Development Forum 2014
Mining, sustainable development and partnerships
Date: Friday, 31 October 2014 – Friday, 31 October 2014
Time: 08:30 – 18:00
Location: May Hancock Auditorium, the Women’s College,
The University of Queensland, St Lucia

Mongolia-Australian relations have grown considerably over the past decade, particularly in the fields of mining, international development, and education. There is much to learn from Australian and Mongolian organizational and individual experiences to create the basis for greater cooperation.

The Mongolia Australia Development Forum aims to create an opportunity to explore some of the pressing governance, social, environmental, economic and educational issues for Mongolians and Australians today.

In recent years resource development has become an important platform of engagement between the two countries. Their mutual strengths and experiences in the extractives industry have the potential to assist build economic opportunities and sustainable mining practices.

This forum is an opportunity for public and private organizations and individuals to share knowledge and experiences and explore partnership opportunities.

Topical focus:

– Managing the impacts and benefits of mining for sustainable development

– Strengthening resource governance to harness natural resource wealth

– Enhancing Mongolia-Australia relations and creative partnerships

The program will be uploaded soon. This event is free of charge.


Registration from 8.30am
Forum commences 9.00am
During Lunch time (12:00pm -1:30pm)

– a selection of video clips will be screened in the auditorium

– a fundraising gift sale to help protect Gobi bears (Mazaalai) outside the auditorium

– other social/cultural events

Concludes 5.00pm
Followed by drinks and networking
Registration link:
MADF Official poster

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