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Student cars vehicles sales and rental

Oyutnuudad zoriulsan $2-4000-t bagtah hyamd mashinii hudaldaa, turees sanal bolgoj bgaa company manaihtai hamtran ajillah huselt tavijee.

From Sales Director at Cheap Student Wheels.

I have had a general perusal of the ‘Bluewaterstudy’ and ‘Studyinsydneyaustralia’ websites and am very interested in exploring a possible collaboration between Cheap Student Wheels and your firm.

Cheap Student Wheels is based on the Gold Coast but operates and services students studying in Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong and Melbourne as well as here on the Gold Coast.

The service we offer is simple and we are dedicated to the cause- to provide both local and overseas students on the East Coast of Australia with wholesale priced cars and scooters.

We are able to assist our clients with ongoing support, maintenance and vehicle warranty – something that is hard to find when buying a vehicle privately. We walk our clients through a step-by-step process of ownership transfer, insurance packages, and everything else that can be daunting when buying a car, especially whilst in a foreign country.

Cheap Student Wheels offers a complete range of vehicles but have a ‘Standard Issue Student Budget’ category which ranges between $2000 and $4000 – all on-road costs included. We trade only in neat, reliable and reputable vehicle makes (mainly Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Hyundai), that are mechanically sound and reliable in order to minimise the risk for students who don’t need to worry about mechanical issues in addition to their study pressures.

*Specific vehicles can also be easily sourced upon request and pre-ordered.

Buy-back guarantee is offered to ALL vehicles sold! Students who buy our vehicles often need them up until the final day they are in the country. This can create a dilemma as it usually takes time to sell a car or scooter. We pay out cash for the used vehicles when they are no longer needed and pay out an amount above the trade in value set out by RedBook (The leading provider of independent pricing valuation in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region)

Our service has been proven to be of great value to all students who require the freedom of travel – whether it be for necessary day-to-day duties or for weekend/holiday pleasure. We believe that seeing Australia is all a part of the experience while studying abroad.

I would love to discuss the matter further and I’m more than willing to fly to Sydney to meet. The possibilities are very exciting and I can envision great things in the future.

Please contact me on your next visit to Brisbane or the Gold Coast and you can pick up a complimentary rental car on us! It would be our pleasure to offer you a FREE set of wheels to get around in while you are here.

Yours sincerely,


MOX-“МИНИЙ САЙХАН ЭХ ОРОН” оюутны эко аялал

Үеийн олон найз нөхөдтэй болж зуны амралтын хэсэгхэн мөчөө зугаатай бас экологи байгаль хамгаалах мэдэгтэй болохыг хүсч буй бүх оюутан залуучуудыг урьж байна. Бүртгэл дууслаа шүү….Оюутан залуус та бүхнийг “МИНИЙ САЙХАН ЭХ ОРОН” оюутны эко аялалд явахыг урьж байна. Бүртгэлийг 2013 оны 06 сарын 21-н хүртэл МОХ-ны төв байранд бүртгэнэ. Гадаадын хүмүүс ирээд Миний Монголын түүх, үзэсгэлэнт байгалийг гайхан шагшиж байхад эх орны ирээдүй болсон Оюутан үзэхгүй бол оройтно шүү

Гадаадын хүмүүс ирээд Миний Монголын түүх, үзэсгэлэнт байгалийг гайхан шагшиж байхад эх орны ирээдүй болсон Оюутан үзэхгүй бол оройтно шүү

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What’s on Canterbury area

City of Canterbury – What’s on in Canterbury

Citizenship Ceremony | Tuesday 11 June

Posted: 10 Jun 2013 09:11 PM PDT

7.30pm. We run citizenship ceremonies for our new residents who arrived in the City of Canterbury from other countries. These ceremonies are held at the Orion Function Centre in Campsie and our Language Aides who speak priority community languages are available there for language assistance, if required. For more information contact 9789 9500.


Free help to save Money and Power | Wednesday 19 June Үргэлжлүүлэн унших

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Нийт гадаадад төгсөгчдөд энэ өдрийн мэндийг хүргэе.

Анх ХБНГУлсад төгсөгчдийн “Монгол-Германы Гүүр” ТББ-аас гадаадад төгсөгчдийн холбоодуудын хоорондох хөлбөмбөгийн тэмцээнийг 2011 оноос жил бүр уламжлал болгон зохион байгуулж эхэлсэн ба 2012 онд БНТУлсын Цагдаагийн Академийн төгсөгчид уг тэмцээнд түрүүлэн шилжин явах цомыг авч улмаар 2013 онд зохиогдох тэмцээнийг зохион байгуулах болсон билээ.Энэ жилийн хөлбөмбөгийн тэмцээнийг 2013 оны 06 сарын 15-нд Амгалан дахь Монгол-Туркийн хамтарсан дунд сургуулийн задгай хөлбөмбөгийн талбайд зохион байгуулах гэж байна.
Иймд баг тамирчид тэмцээндээ идэвхтэй оролцож амралтын өдрөө үр бүтээлтэй, спортоор хичээллэж өнгөрөөхийг уриалж байна.

Тэмцээний дэлгэрэнгүй удирдамж, танилцуулгыг хүргүүлэх болно.

“Дотоодын Аюулгүй Байдлын Академи” ТББ

Холбоо барих утас: М.Мөнхсүх 99105950
Я.Баасанбат 99273304