Golden Opportunit​y for SINGAPORE (Paid Internship​s available from 2nd Month)

Greetings From ESM!
(Exclusive student recruitment office for
All Spice College Singapore)

We are looking for Education Agents/Associates to have a Business Collaboration to promote
Diploma In Hospitality And Culinary Arts
with Guaranteed Paid Trainingfrom 2nd Month
Why Diploma in Culinary Arts?
Below is a list of eight top culinary arts careers available to those with the appropriate education and experience.
Personal chef
A personal chef typically works in a private home for a private employer. Because of this setup, a personal chef often has more flexibility within his or her work environment, not to mention more creative control over the menu. Full time personal chefs usually earn between $35,000 and $50,000.
Head cook or chef
The head cook or chef is a culinary arts career that many cooks set their sights on. The head chef at a restaurant is generally in charge of developing menu choices and managing a team of cooks. Although the average salary is $34,000 annually, a head chef at a top restaurant can easily make as much as $60,000, or even more.
Restaurant manager
A restaurant manager is in charge of not just the kitchen and its cooks, but also the wait staff. Although a restaurant manager’s salary averages around $50,000 annually, a manager in an upscale restaurant can earn considerably more. However, you should also keep in mind that many managers work long hours with little or no overtime compensation.
Pastry chef
Believe it or not, being a pastry chef is another good culinary arts career. Pastry chefs’ salaries average at about $50,000 annually, although the yearly income is a little less for those who are paid hourly wages.
Executive chef
Executive chefs are primarily found at upscale restaurants, and average around $75,000 annually. However, executive chefs can make as much as $120,000 annually in top restaurants.
A sommelier, also known as a wine steward, is usually present in upscale restaurants. Although a sommelier’s income averages around $60,000, it can sky rocket as high as $150,000.
Wine director
A wine director does much the same thing as a sommelier. The average income for a wine director is $85,000 annually.
World-class chef
World-class chefs are the ones you see and hear about every day. For example, Wolfgang Puck is a world-class chef who is well known for his signature line of convenience foods. World-class chefs can easily make as much as $100,000, but that figure can increase exponentially if you know how to market your signature lines via books, magazines, television, and other media outlets. A world-class chef is the type of culinary arts career that most cooks fantasize about, and many self-employed caterers hope to eventually make a reality.
Courses Details

Fee – $9000 (All inclusive) (After Visa)

Duration (1st month regular theory classes) + (11 months live lab with paid allowance) + (6 months OJT) (Optional). i.e. 18 months of package and many more benefits.

We are very pleased to inform you about very unique and attractive new program launched by one of our exclusive partner Institute……………

  • The students would in fact gain much more industrial exposure (11-months of live lab), & 6 months Training Work Pass… (11 months + 6 months)(Optional).
  • For our Live-Lab component, the students will have 2 days class & 4 days Industrial exposure.
  • During the Live-Lab, our students have been provided allowances from S$600-S$900 monthly (2 days class & 4 days industry exposure). For TWP, the students were paid for their work from S$700 -900 monthly & upwards.

Call us at –09855559927
for the Best Incentives in the market.


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