Global Xchange to UK work experience for 3 months

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Олон улсын залуучууд солилцооны Global Xchange хөтөлбөрт оролцохыг хүссэн 18-25 насны залуучуудыг бүртгэж байна. Хөтөлбөрт оролуогчид Дорнод аймагт 3 сар, Английн Кендал хотод 3 сар сайн дурын ажил хийнэ. Хөтөлбөрийн талаар 2008 оны 12 дугаар сарын Өнөөдөр болон Өдрийн сонингоос дэлгэрэнгүй танилцана уу. Утас 324333. Отгонцэцэг.

Announcement: Vacancy announcement: Global Xchange Project Supervisor
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Vacancy Notice

Vacancy announcement: Global Xchange Project Supervisor

Location: 6 months in Mongolian Host Community and 3 months in UK

For the past three years, VSO has been working with local volunteering organisations in 20 countries to support their capacity to deliver the programmes and to build a basis for national volunteering in those countries. We work with NGOs, networks, government organisations and community based organisations, etc to offer support through training, contacts, resources, study tours, consultancy, organisational capacity building, etc.

The Global Xchange programme is a six-month exchange programme which gives young people from different countries a unique opportunity to work together, to develop and share valuable skills and to make a practical contribution where it is needed in local communities. Global Xchange aims to support the development of active global citizens, committed to working for positive change within communities.

Global Xchange works with teams of up to 18 young people (aged 18-25), with equal numbers coming from the UK and from an overseas partner country. The participants are recruited, and the teams are formed, to reflect diversity in terms of geography, ethnicity, ability, education and gender.

Volunteers live with host families and work in host communities for 3 months in the UK and 3 months in the overseas country. They live and work in cross-cultural counterpart pairs, one from the UK , and one from the exchange country. Global Xchange is designed as a fully reciprocal volunteer programme, involving cross-cultural partnerships in every aspect of our work.

Mongolian Youth Federation (MYF) has been selected as partner organisation to implement this programme in Mongolia .

VSO and MYF are announcing a vacancy of a PROJECT SUPERVISOR to support the delivery of the Global Exchange Programme in Mongolia . The programme will aim to raise the awareness of volunteering among young people and to benefit the development of local communities.

The whole programme will run for approximately 9 months starting from December 2006 until September 2007. The contract with Project Supervisor will be 9 months fixed term.


1. Project development in the Mongolian host community

  • To develop key community contacts and support/resources needed for setting up the Mongolian phase of the exchange.
  • To identify, recruit and orientate suitable volunteer placements and host families.
  • To develop the Mongolian phase of the programme to reflect the core components of the Global Xchange programme.
  • To work with the counterpart Project Supervisor to maximise the impact of the programme for both the volunteers and the host community.

2. Supervise and support volunteers

  • To work with the counterpart Project Supervisor to ensure adequate support and supervision of volunteers. To include supporting volunteers in relationships with: host families, counterpart pairs and work placement supervisors.
  • To help all parties mentioned above to resolve problems as and when they arise.
  • To be responsible for the health and safety of volunteers during the programme.
  • To promote and encourage appropriate behaviour and implement disciplinary procedures if volunteers do not maintain agreed standards of behaviour.

3. Facilitate Training and Learning

  • To deliver training courses at the start of the Mongolian phase.
  • To work in collaboration with the overseas Project Supervisor to facilitate the community orientation on arrival in the host community and to supervise Educational Activity Days, the Mid-Project Review and the Debrief in both phases of the programme.
  • To help volunteers identify and develop personal objectives and facilitate individual learning throughout the programme.
  • To promote learning amongst volunteers regarding global and cross-cultural issues.

4. Communication with VSO Mongolia, partner organisation and GX in London

  • To keep VSO Mongolia and the partner organisation regularly informed about the progress of GX teams in the host communities, including any medical or health and safety issues.
  • To act as a representative of VSO and GX at all times.
  • To undertake any other duties associated with the position.

5. Budget management

  • To manage a budget for the project and to present monthly accounts to VSO and MYF.
  • To account for the programme development and implementation expenditure during the Mongolian phase of the programme.

6. Monitoring and evaluation

  • To monitor the success of the exchange by gathering feedback from volunteers, host homes and volunteer placements.
  • To facilitate the volunteers’ evaluation of their own learning.


•  To be age of 25-45 years old

•  At least 24 months experience of working with 18-25 year olds from a wide range of backgrounds with proven ability to facilitate learning in a non-formal environment for this age group and substantial experience of working cross-culturally and able to communicate to a range of audiences and break down communication barrier to promote sharing and learning between cultures

•  Possession of strong written communication skills needed for writing reports, publicity materials and corresponding with a wide-range of community members Knowledge of issues which are faced by communities in Mongolia and the UK . Significant experience of working in a supervisory role. Proven ability to promote self-awareness, learning and development among individuals

•  Willing to live and work outside own community. Able to work irregular hours including considerable weekend work

  • Able to develop clear and realistic plans to deliver agreed objectives within deadlines, involving key individuals in the planning process. Ability to organise group discussions and move the team towards consensus.
  • Sufficient experience of working with volunteers to understand the key factors which make a volunteer placement viable, effective and rewarding.

•  Build relationships on mutual respect and trust. Flexible in dealing with others. Assertive without being aggressive. Good listener. Able to make difficult but informed decisions

•  Experience of working effectively at community level and have a practical understanding of the issues which face particular communities

  • Be flexible in working schedule and understands this is not a 9 -5 post and able to undertake this very demanding role with a commitment to spend time living in, or near the host community.


Please submit the following documentation by email, in English language to Otgonnyam at MYF and Uranchimeg at VSO (contact details below):

  • CV
  • supporting statement outlining:

•  how you meet the criteria with concrete examples
•  reference from two organizations or/and individuals (can be sent by fax at 322046 )

Deadline for applications is October 26, 2006. ONLY shortlisted candidates will be notified by October 31, 2006. Selection and interviews will be held at MYFoffice on November 6 2006. Interviews will last all day and ONLY selected person will be informed about final decision on November 8, 2006.

Any communication should be directed to: or 99133734 (Otgonnyam)

3 responses to “Global Xchange to UK work experience for 3 months

  1. ene ajild 25-s deesh nasniihan oroltsoj bolohgui yu

  2. tsogo hugatsaa ni aaali ongortson yum bish uu?

  3. Хөтөлбөрийн талаар 2008 оны 12 дугаар сарын Өнөөдөр болон Өдрийн сонингоос дэлгэрэнгүй танилцана уу. Утас 324333. Отгонцэцэг. ene jiliinh ongorchij. daraa jil sonirhooroi. ok

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