Becoming a Self Millionaire

Blogger’s success (in Mongolian lang): 

Hi my Mongolian mates. Here are some hints to lead you to become a mongolian self-made billionaire (millionaire overseas). DO NOT blame me for writing in ENGLISH.

We all know and accept that multi-million dollars are well above our country’s annual budget, therefore you’d better find a translator or learn popular languages to challenge yourself internationally. (don’t be dissappointed, I did not say you have to learn English, but you should or you can find lots of alternatives easily, if you just open your eyes bigger)

Let’s START. You name it business and people will enjoy your product with excitement. Interesting?

How could Hollywood turn the show business into a cash cow. ’Coz they know what people would want and supply that for a reasonable price to millions of people worldwide. You were a part of the nation, who let Shrek 2 creators make 923 million USD (almost a billion dollars).

See! Attract the cashflow to yourself with a 1 dollar product and make a MILLION people have it.

Then YOU – a bright, intelligent, young IT or non IT mongolian guy, knowing you could reach billions of people through Internet, WHY are you just sitting there, turning yourself to USER of others’ web products, admiring others’ success stories, wondering if the web creators are better than you or not and STILL working way too hard for someone else to grow his money, who is less intelligent than you.

Here I’m talking about very simple, affordable and possibly reachable dreams that came true in a real life. Here are SOME success stories.

Story 1. Blogger’s success. Guys, who did not even contribute a cent to their success. I admit that I can’t write an article better than these guys below, so just have some time to read their stories about how an ordinary guy could succeed by an ordinary thing to reach an extraordinary level that we can’t even imagine.

A sample blog:

Here are the 13 top blogger success story cover by Business Weeks:

  1. BoingBoing.Net
  13. Michelle Malkin & HotAir

What do you think? Pretty exciting huh? This is just the beginning.

Story 2. It all started as a part-time hobby. An asian guy, who created an amateur dating website, is not even IT professional. He’s now in his 30 something and he is already in his express pathway to become a self millionaire. You think it’s impossible for you? Not at all.

His idea was very simple – a private website to connect one person to another, who is in a different side of the world. You think, you can do it? Of course, we all can do it.

He was lonely in Australia as a migrant from an Asian country and tried to keep in touch with some people from his country over the Internet. He created web interface and invited few people he knows to join as a member. However, his Australian friends also wanted to meet online with some Asian girls and some of his country’s mates wanted to meet some English speakers or had other cases, so he decided to migrate his small web to a bigger website with multiple membership level. His fiends and family members were granted Gold membership and some other Anonymous users had Standard membership.

One day he noticed that his website was hit over thousand times and received many requests from some other web users to let them change their standard membership to gold membership or whatever better for few bucks to have more flexibility to use the web and to be offered by other web features.

Subsequently he changed his website to allow people to have Platinum membership for under 5 dollars per month, Gold for 1 dollars and so on. He is now capable of hiring IT professionals to work for him to manage his millions of users and to keep maintaining his website and he is proud to say that he doesn’t need to work hard like us for the rest of his life, which allows him to work to enjoy, not to survive. bla bla .. it gets now too long.

I know him, because a one of my best friends from Mongolia, worked for him as an experienced IT professional and was happy to be employed in Australia (which is rare for Mongolians to work in their professional field internationally).

I’m happy for that Mongolian, who told me the story and was well aware of what’s going on and was smart enough to notice that we could also do the same. I hope that guy will go bigger soon, sooner than we are if we continue struggling with life and work balance.

Well, that asian guy’s website is up and running and is hit more than a half million times a day. He proves that the website initiator could be anywhere in the world, even in the poorest country with limited Internet access. You get it know, DON’T YOU?

A sample dating site: -> over 20 products

Story 3. This story is more approachable as the initiators are Mongolians. More details about their products are coming after the confo from the owners (might be some issue on releasing their business ideas and specific details ..)

There are more stories and ideas about different strategies and paths to become a millionaire for sure. So let’s share with others, pls. See what’s coming ..


3 responses to “Becoming a Self Millionaire

  1. hey, the self-made millionaire would more appropriate, isn’t it
    was that batbold you are referring to?

  2. nope, I know many batbolds and I don’t think any batbold is referred here. I also know many amaraas and am not sure which Amaraa I’m replying to, but I have someone in my mind. I’m just saying that nowadays teenagers are becoming self millionaires regardless of their IT knowledge, but with the help of Internet facilities. I couldn’t get what u r implying by being MORE appropriate. I don’t believe Bill Gates did all appropriate things (that you are saying) without stealing other’s ideas. See Apple! Who can do better, user follow that man. That’s for sure. If I have business ideas and I can’t do it better than others I will welcome them to have my idea. Why not??? Some are born as thinkers or observers and others are performers. Anyway, thanks for sharing what u r thinking and having some time for reading it. If You can send us that APPROPRIATE things, many people will appreciate! That should be called appropriate and should be awarded.

  3. Бушуу болих Internet Business «

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