Cheap loan, High saving

Энгийн мөртлөө хачирхалтай, та бидний олж хардаг ч хэрэглэж мэддэггүй сонин зүйлийг дэлгэе.

Debit is not Credit:

* Монгол дахь банкны хадгаламжын хүүг амжиж нэг хараарай.
* Гадаадын банк таны хадгалуулсан мөнгөнд ямар хүү өгдөг вэ (mostly 0%)
* Зээлжих эрх олгодог кредит карт танд ямар хүү санал болгож байгааг анзаараад нэг үзээрэй. 9.00%-18.00%-n huutei, za bur zarim ni itgemeergui (0%-8.99%) -n huutei zeeljih erh sanal bolgodog
Tegvel eniig zaaval sonirhoj sudal!
Кредит кард буюу зээлийн карт гэж юу болох тухай
Even cat could get $4200 See how. Why not you?

Hints from GGN:
* If you are a first timer and have no saving and low income -> choose the card with high interest with interest free period.
* It’s not a big problem to switch your card to a low rate card anytime later as long as you already have a credit card.
* Don’t hurry up to get cash by your credit card and keep using the benefits of interest free period
* In every 6 months of full repayment, you can increase the credit limit, based on your spending patterns and repayment responsibility
* If the credit limit reaches your expectation, you may switch to another card with Balance Transfer offer. (e.g. 0% for first 6 months or 6% for the life of your balance)
* Never get cash advances unless you are pretty sure with that the interest could be fully covered by your future income, labour or activity, using the benefits of this cash loan.
* Be smart with the loan. It’s not your money that you worked hard for, so obviously it will make you work harder to pay back with interest.
Useful resources:

Credit Card
Interest Rate
Cash Advance
Balance Transfer Rewards Program Annual
NAB Low Rate Visa Card
(3.99% intro*)
17.99% 0%2
6 months2
Citibank Clear Visa Card
9.99% 9.99% 0%^
6 months^
Aussie MasterCard
10.49%* 14.24%* 0%^
6 months
HSBC Low Rate Credit Card
• First Year Free
11.95% 15.95% 0%
Until Jan 08*~
first year
ANZ Low Rate MasterCard
12.49%* 17.49%* 0%
6 months^
Citibank Personal Credit
12.99% 12.99% 6.9%
Life of

10 responses to “Cheap loan, High saving

  1. If you don’t need to, then don’t get any loans, but if you have to, then my suggestion is to apply for lowest overall rates. Sometimes the partial offers can be good, but have certain hidden catches such as most high apply fee or the further interests are considerably higher and so on.

  2. hmm, Mongolians in USA suggest that get one CC as early as possibe, preferably soon after you arrive to have the long credit history no matter it’s used or not. Coz’ we have more options or potential to increase what we have or what we could borrow.

    Probably your advise is very valuable for UK based british people, because you guys don’t usually have a chance to get the high return from the loan you get.

    New arrivals, international students and immigrants don’t usually have any idea or choices like the citizens of the developed countries in the beginning. they build everything from scratch and usually start very late and it takes long time to settle down and find a good job, compared to others who grew up in UK or already have knowledge about credit history benefits, but those new people may have the other benefit like buying a Mongolian property, which promises 18% growth in price or having a term deposit that allows to get more than 10% from saving interest if they could be smart enough and have full info like you have. No single advise could fit to all, but still could be interesting for some of the visitors of this post.

    For me, I’d better to borrow as much as I can, so I can have a very high return of up to 25% p.a, which is not a problem at all as long as I have some money handy to invest, but my borrowing power is very limited to my income in Australia as we start from nothing, no friends and no professional network and no good employer in the beginning. In my case No single loan or credit card is not used, so please let me have more information to increase my borrowing power and get more loan. I can tell you that UK, USA & Jpnese investors are interested in Mongolian market to double and triple their income.

    – You may have the money that you don’t know how to use.
    – We may not have as much as you have, but know the power to increase it quickly.

    hehe, life is not that fair, but i love it.

    Tnx mate for visiting. pls share more with us. are you connected to the Wall bracket TV sales etc.

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